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  1. The terms and conditions of the tenancy as agreed by the Committee of Hobbs Allotments and Garden Society are as follows:-
    1. Applicants should reside in the Parishes of Ford, Clymping and Middleton-On-Sea and apply in writing to The Membership Secretary at 27 Ancton Way, Elmer , West Sussex PO22 6JP
    2.  The rent is to be paid annually by 1st  January and is agreed at the AGM. Rent for 2019:-  
    The charges are: 2.5 rod plot  - £31.50 per annum  
       5 rod plot -  £41.50 per annum   7.5 rod £56.50 per annum
    10 rod plot -  £64.50 per annum   
    There is no pro-rata reduction in fees for applicants taking up plots part way through the year.
    Cheques should be made payable to: Hobbs Allotments and Gardens Society and sent to the Membership Secretary
    There is a 3 month probationary period for all plotholders.
    3. The plot may only be used for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit and flowers and no other purpose.  No plotholder may hold more than 10 rods at any time, and plotholders may not use their plots for commercial purposes.
    4. Plot holders wishing to plant fruit trees must apply in writing to the Committee for permission prior to any planting taking place.  There are certain, non-negotiable conditions to be met before permission will be granted:
    a) No tree is to be planted less than 1.5 metres from a neighbouring plot.
    b) No tree is to be planted less than 1.5 metres inside the boundary of a plot holder’s plot.
    c) Trained stopovers or espaliers may be grown as boundary markers, provided that they do not exceed 1.5 metres in height
    d) Tree height for stand-alone trees is restricted to an absolute maximum of 3 metres.
    e) Rootstock and other restrictions apply as follows:
    ¬†Apple¬†¬†M26¬†¬†¬†Peach¬†¬†On plum rootstock only ‚Äď St Julien A
      Pear  Quince A  Fig  IN POTS ONLY
      Cherry  Gisela 5
      Plum  St. Julien A
    f) Using M26 apple as an example: On a 5 rod plot, 8 trees in two rows of 4, spaced 4 metres apart and 1.5 metres from the boundary.  On a 10 rod plot, 16 trees, two rows of 8, same spacing. On a starter plot, 4 trees, 2 rows of 2, same spacing.
    g) Plotholders must undertake to compost or remove windfall fruit.  Fruit must not be left to rot under trees.
    h) Where permission is granted, the plotholder will be expected to adhere to the aforementioned conditions.  The Committee reserves the right to withdraw permission and order the removal of the tree(s) if the plotholder consistently fails to adhere to the conditions.  In serious cases, the Committee may refuse to renew the plotholder’s membership of the Allotment Society.

    5. At present no poultry, rabbits or livestock of any kind may be kept upon the Allotment. 
    6. The plot must be kept clean and tidy and in a good state of cultivation.
    7. Plotholders  must not part with the possession of the plot or any part thereof.  Subletting is prohibited and will result in repossession of the plot.
    8. Plotholders may bring dogs onto the site. However, dogs must be on a lead at all times, kept under strict control, secured and confined within the boundaries of the plotholder’s plot.
    9.¬†Buildings or structures may not be erected on the plot without prior written consent of the Committee. ‚ÄėSolid‚Äô or ‚Äėpanel‚Äô type fencing is NOT PERMITTED.
    10. Rubbish may not be dumped on site, except reasonable quantities of manure for cultivation.
    11. Plotholders must maintain paths and edges of the allotment plot.
    12. Plotholders must not hinder free passage on site by narrowing or restricting paths with hoses, tools etc.
    13. Plotholders must keep the base of boundary fences and hedges clear to facilitate maintenance.
    14. Plotholders must not leave hoses running and unattended and the use of sprinklers is expressly forbidden.   Wherever possible, plotholders should use draw and use water from their own waterbutts.  Filling waterbutts from the communal water supply is permitted.
    15. Plotholders must undertake not to interfere with the plots of,  or steal items and produce from, other plotholders.
    16. In the event of any dispute between allotment holders that dispute shall be referred to the allotment committee whose decision shall be final.
    17. Bonfires may only be lit within the boundary of a plotholder’s plot. The bonfire must not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to other plotholders who may be on site at the time.  Bonfires must be closely attended at all times, carefully controlled and monitored by the plotholder and extinguished completely before the plotholder leaves the site.
    18. All plotholders will be obliged to abide by the rules as amended from time to time by the Committee.  Rules and any changes thereto will be published on the website and displayed on the Noticeboard.

    Tenancy of the plot may be terminated by the following:-
    1. Receipt of notification by Tenant.
    2. The death of a Tenant.
    3. If the Committee is satisfied that the plot is being neglected after a written request to clear,  tidy up or attend to overgrown or nuisance trees  has not been satisfactorily responded to.
    4. If the rent is in arrears for a period of more than twenty one days.
    5. If the tenant fails to comply with the terms of the agreement.
    6. The tenant moves and resides over 1 mile from Parishes of Ford, Clymping and Middleton-On-Sea.
     Any decision of the Chairperson and Committee to terminate a tenancy is final.

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  • Please close and lock our allotment gate at all times. That includes when you are in the allotment! This means the gate should be closed at all times, thanks.
  • The outer gate should be left open.
  • Please only park your car next to the right hand fence and never in the lane.
  • Cars may be taken closer, but only when unloading heavy items. Please contact by email and give 24 hrs notice to allow access or see members list and if there is a committee member on site they will open.

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